Broad Ings

Floor Plan:

first floor bings

First Floor

Bedroom Layout:


Room 1: Twin (2 single beds)

en suite

Room 2: Four poster (double)

& 1 single bed, wet room

en suite.

Room 3: Double (with sink)

Room 4: Kingsize bed four

poster and double bed with

en suite.


Room 5: Double room

second floor bings

Second Floor

Bedroom Layout:


Room 6: Double en suite


Room 7: Double en suite &

1 single bed.


Room 8: Double room.


Room 9: Double en suite &

2 single beds.


Room 10: Double  en suite.


The en suites of rooms 1, 6 & 10 are designed to be shared bathrooms, separate from the bedrooms if desired.